老友记 第三季 第十七集



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Ross: What's going on?
Phoebe: Well, we were um, sort of invited to go skiing, you know Rachel's sister's cabin.
Ross: So, for the whole weekend?
Monica: We're really sorry, but um, she did ask us first.
Ross: Yeah, that's ok, I mean if you guys all have to go away for the first weekend I'm alone by myself, you know then I totally, totally understand.
Phoebe: You know what? I can stay, I'm gonna stay. 'Cause the last time I went skiing I was to afraid to jump off the chairlift, I just went round and round.
Joey: Uh, Pheebs, we kinda need you to drive everybody up there in your grandmother's cab, but you know what, I'll stay. Noo! I'll stay. He's my brother.
啊,菲比,你得开你外婆的车载我们去。这样吧,我留下来。 不!我留,他是我的哥哥。
Ross: What a pity stay? No! We're gonna have fun. We can make fudge!
Ross: Pity food? You know what, that's ok, all right, I don't need any of you to stay, ok? Nobody stays.
Chandler: Well, then, I might as well offer to stay.
Joey: Hey, does anybody else feel bad about Ross?
Monica: Why? Do you think he's still mad at us?
Chandler: Well, he's probably more mad since you called him this morning to borrow his goggles.
Joey: What? Mine aren't tinted.
Phoebe: Chandler! ! What?
钱德!! 怎样?
Phoebe: What's the sign say?
Chandler: Beam me up Jesus.
Phoebe: No, the 'No smoking' sign. There's no smoking in my Grandmother's cab.
Chandler: Ok, well, then, I I have to go to the bathroom. Oh! Please!
好吧,那我要上厕所。 哦! 拜托!
Monica: No! No unscheduled stops. You can go when we stop for gas.
Chandler: Oh, come on, there's a rest stop right up there! Come on, I really have to goooooooooo.
Joey: Oh, now I have to go! !
Rachel: Is that all that it takes? Sometimes just a small breeze.
这事儿还会传染吗? 有时只是一阵微风就可以。
Chandler: Here we go. Ok, brace yourself. What? Ok. Ow!
到了。坐好。 什么? 好吧。 哦!
Phoebe: Aren't you gonna go? No. Thank you.
你不去? 不了。谢谢。
Monica: No, Rachel never pees in public restrooms.
Rachel: Well, they never have any paper in there you know. So my rule is 'no tissue, no tushy.' Well, if everybody's going.
Phoebe: Oh, you know what, don't close it the.keys.are in there. Oh, no no no no no no! !
哦,别关门!钥匙在里面。 哦,不
Joey: What's going on? My lighter's in there!
怎么了? 打火机在里面!
Chandler: Damn! The tailpipe's not hot enough to light this!
Joey: Relax ok, I I I can get this open. Any anybody have a coat hanger?
Chandler: Oh I do! Oh, no, wait a minute, I took it out of my shirt when I put it on this morning.
Monica: So, if your parents hadn't got divorced, you'd be able to answer a question like a normal person?
Joey: Look, I just need a wire something to jimmy it. Oh hey, one of you guys give me the under wire from your bra! What? ! What? !
我需要铁丝类的东西把它撬开。哦,把你们内衣的钢丝给我! 什么?! 啥?!
Joey: Come on! Who has the biggest boobs? Please! !
快,谁的胸部最大? 拜托!!
Joey: Whoever has the biggest boobs, has the biggest bra, therefore has the biggest wire.
The Girls: No, not getting my bra! It's too expensive.
不要,别拿我的胸罩! 很贵耶。
Joey: If you wanna get back in the car, we need the wire, your call.
Phoebe: Ok, Monica's are the biggest. Aw! These tiny, little non breasts? ! Please, gotta be Rachel.
莫妮卡最大。 这两粒小的平胸?拜托?!绝对是瑞秋。
Rachel: What, no, no, no, mine are deceptively small I mean, I I I actually sometimes, st stuff my bra.
Monica: All right then, your bra would still be big.
Rachel: No, I stuff outside the bra.
Chandler: Ladies, ladies, let's just compromise, ok? Phoebe, Rachel, take off Monica's bra.
Phoebe: All right, forget it, never mind, you can have mine. thank you. Chandler, what are you doing? There is a trash can right there.
好啦,算了,我脱。 谢谢。钱德勒,你干什么?那里就有垃圾桶。
Chandler: Well, I thought if I littered, that Crying Indian might come by and save us.
Phoebe: Ok, there.
Joey: Wow, thank you Phoebe, that is very generous.
Monica: Wow. This is nice. Were you planning on meeting somebody up there?
Chandler: Ok, now let's decide who has the nicest ass.
Joey: And there you go! Oh, yeahhhhh! !!
上车吧。 哦,耶!!!
Monica: Oh Chandler! ! At least let me smoke it to the good part. Ok. Oh, no!
哦钱德勒!! 至少让我爽一下。 好了。哦不!
Rachel: What, what's, what's going on?
Phoebe: Yeah, this has happened before.
Rachel: So you know how to fix it? Yep. Put more gas in.
那你会修? 会,加点天然气就行了。
Carol: Hi.What're you doing here? Hey.oh just ah, I was just wondering, when, when you and I split up, did you get the tape that was half the last episode of M*A*S*H and half the hostages coming home?
嘿你怎么来了? 我在想,我们分手时你有没有分到一卷带子录了《风流医生俏护士》的最后一集和人质回国的新闻?
Carol: Ah yeah, but now it's Susan and me in Mexico and the hostages coming home.
Ross: Where's Ben? He's sleeping. Ahh. Ooh, is this a ah, is this a bad time?
班呢? 在睡觉。 啊,我来得不是时候?
Carol: Umm, yeah, actually, Susan's gonna be home any minute, it's kind of an anniversary.
Ross: Oh! I thought you guys got married in uh, January?
Carol: Different kind of anniversary. Ah! Oh.
是另一个纪念日。 啊!哦。
Carol: Sooo, anyway.
Ross: Candles, champagne, yeah anniversaries are great. 'Cause you know love lasts forever, you know. Nothing like it in this lifetime, money in the bank, so Rachel and I broke up.
Carol: God, Ross I am so sorry. Yeah.
天哪,罗斯,我真遗憾。 是啊。
Carol: You know what, I wanna talk to you about this so much, but we should probably do it when we could really get into it. You free for dinner tomorrow night? Oh yeah, I'd love that.
你知道吗?我很想陪你聊一聊,但要找个能长谈的时间。明天晚餐可以吗? 哦,太好了。
Carol: Oh, great! Me too.
Ross: I guess it all started when Rachel got this new job.
Phoebe: Ok, yeah. Triple A can pick us up. Great!
3A可以来拖车。 好!
Phoebe: Yeah, just what town are we near?
Monica: Free Freemont. West West westmont, ah Westburg?
Phoebe: Ok why are you answering? Do you know at least what route we're on?
Rachel: Yeah, we are definitely on Route 27.
Phoebe: Ok. We are at a rest stop on Route 27. Ok. There is no Route 27. Ok, either 93 or 76? I don't know, I'm sorry, I always slept in the back when we drove up here.
我们在27号公路一个休息站。没有27号公路。不是93号就是76号? 我不知道,我每次来都在后座睡觉。
Phoebe: Ok. Hey, can you just uh send someone up and down 76 and just check every rest stop, and, and also 93? Ok! Yeah, no they don't do that.
Rachel: Ugh, ok, well somebody will come and save us.
Monica: Who? I mean have you seen a car come by here in the last hour and a half? I think we should call Ross, maybe he can get a car and pick us up.
Rachel: No! No, I am not getting in a car with Ross, we will just have to live here!
Phoebe: But if. No you guys, I am not getting in a car with him, you'll have to think of something else.
但是 不行我不跟他同车,想别的办法。
Phoebe: Oh good, oh Joey and Chandler are back.