老友记 第三季 第十九集



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Ross: Hi. Hi!
嘿。 嘿!
Ross: You ah, wanted to see me?
Rachel: Yeah. Ahh, here's a box of your stuff.
Ross: What? ! Oh, you know, it's just like hats, and a shirt, and CD's, just sort of stuff that you've left here.
啥?! 就是帽子、衣服、CD,一些你留在这里的东西。
Ross: What're you doing? Are you you trying to hurt me? Or something?
Rachel: No. Ross, it, it just seems that you know it's time we we you know, move on. I mean, I mean don't you think?
Ross: Yes. Yeah? Yes, I do. Good.
同意啊。 是吗? 是啊。 那就好。
Ross: Yeah, I I really do. Hey! This this was a gift!
Rachel: Ross, you got that for free from the museum gift shop.
Ross: It's still a gift! I got it from the gift shop!
Rachel: Ok, all right, give me the mug! I'll keep the mug.
Ross: No! ! You know you know don't do me any favors. In fact, where, where's the rest of my stuff? ! Huh? Like like my umm, Hey, this book is mine! !
And and and, and that T shirt you sleep in? I'd like that back too. Yes, I do.
Rachel: You know how much I love that T shirt! You never even wear that T shirt!
Ross: I'm just trying to help you, move on.
Rachel: Oh, you are a petty man. You are a petty, petty. Petty. Petty. Petty. Petty. Petty. small. small.
哦,你是个小器的男人。小器,小器 小器 小器 小器 小器 小器 小心眼 小心眼
Rachel: You are so just doing this out of spite. Awwwahuh, no, no, no! ! Huh? I'm I'm gonna wear this all the time! I love this shirt! !
你这样做只是为了故意气我。 噢,不不不!! 哈? 我会一直穿着!我爱这件衣服!!
Rachel: You have not worn that T shirt since you were 15! ! It doesn't even fit you anymore! Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah. yeah yeah yeah! Oh oh, ok, ok!
你15岁之后就没穿过了!!根本塞不下! 哦耶 耶 哦,好吧!
If you don't mind I'm gonna take the rest of my stuff, and relax, in my favorite shirt. You have a pleasant evening.
Phoebe: So, you're like a zillionaire?
Chandler: And you're our age. You're our age.
Phoebe: You know what, you should like, you should buy a state and then just name it after yourself.
Pete: What like Pete kota? Yeah, or, or, or, Mississ Pete.
例如彼达科塔? 或是密西西彼特?
Joey: Oh, oh, I got it! Pete Chicago.
Chandler: That's not a state Joe.
Joey: Oh, and Mississ Pete is?
Pete: I gotta go, so ah, I'll see you guys later. Ok. You're our age!
我该走了,改天见。 行。 你跟我们差不多大的年纪!
Pete: So ah, we on for tomorrow?
Monica: Absolutely! Now get out of here you! ! Ok, I'm running out of places I can touch him! It it's something wrong with me?
I mean why am I only attracted to guys where there's no future? Either they're too old, or they're too young, or they're a big misogynist jerk poet like Julio.
Who, by the way, I'm still attracted to. And then there's Pete who's crazy about me, I mean he's absolutely perfect and there's like zip going on!
I mean, seriously, does it sound like there's something wrong with me? !
Phoebe: Yeah, kinda.
Kate: Happy? ! Is that what I'm supposed to be Vic? Happy?
Joey: Well, why don't you tell me what you're supposed to be! Huh? Because I sure as hell can't figure it out! I talk to you and nothing. You look at me, and it's nothing. Nothing.
The Director: Tasty! I'm really starting to feel like you guys have a history, it's it's nice.
Kate: I have a question about this scene. Yes.
我对这场戏有个疑问。 说。
Kate: Well, I don't understand why Adrienne's attracted to Victor.
The Director: Peel the onion. First of all, he's good looking. Yeah.
你要拨开洋葱皮。第一,他很帅。 对。
Kate: I think my character's gonna need a little bit more of reason than that.
Joey: Oh, hey, how about this one. Ah, it says so in the script! You know ah, I I don't know why my character likes you either, I mean it says in the script here that you're a bitch.
哦,这样行不行,因为剧本这么写!我也不知道维克多为什么喜欢你,剧本上说你是个贱♥ 人。
Kate: It doesn't say that in the script. It does in mine!
剧本上没写。 我这一本有!
I can blow dry it, gel it. It doesn't matter. I still wind up with this little.cowlick y thing on the middle part of my head. It's so annoying.
Does it bug you? You bug me.
你看了烦不烦? 你比较烦。
Chandler: Is there any chance you didn't see that?
Chandler: Ross! You gotta stop! Ok? ! You can't just stare through the peephole for three hours! You're gonna get peep eye!
Ross: I knew it! I knew it! I always knew she liked him! You know, she'd say no, but here we are! Right? We just broke up, first thing she does!
Chandler: You didn't just break up. Hey, it's been like three weeks!
你们没有“才刚分手”。 才三个星期!
Chandler: You slept with somebody three hours after you thought you broke up. I mean bullets've left guns slower!
Ross: Here they come, here they oh , if she kisses him goodnight, I'm gonna kill myself, I swear. I can't, I can't watch this.
Come on, date over! Date over! Oh oh, here we go, hey, she's going in. Ok.
约会该结束了!哦,没事,她要进去了。 好了。
Ross: She's going in. Wait! He's going in! He's going in! ! The door's closed! I, I can't see anything with the door closed! !
Chandler: And the inventor of the door rests happily in his grave.
Ross: Ok, I have to do something. I mean, I have, I have to stop it!
Chandler: Stop what? ! I don't know, but I ah, I have a feeling that my being there will do it. Look, this guy is bad news, Chandler. He's I can sense he's an operator.
阻止什么?! 我不知道,但只要我过去就行了。看这家伙是个坏消息,钱德。我能感觉他是个精明的人。
Chandler: Rachel wouldn't date an operator. They only make 20 grand a year and they have to work nights.
Ross: I'll go over and I will borrow something. Juice! ! I need juice! ! No! ! You can't! !
我要过去借东西。果汁!!我要喝果汁!! 不行!!你不能这样!!
Ross: Look, they must be stopped! I am your friend, and I am not gonna let you do this! ! You are surprisingly strong!
一定要阻止他们! 我是你的朋友,我不会让你这么做!!你还真强壮!
Ross: I need juice! People need juice! ! Look man!
我要喝果汁!人都要喝果汁!! 听我说!
Ross: People need juice! Listen to me! ! Juice, they need.
是人都要喝果汁! 听我说!! 果汁,他们需要
Chandler: She's moving on! Ok, if it's not this guy, it's gonna be somebody else!
And unless you're thinking about subletting my peephole, you, are gonna have to get used to the fact that the relationship is over! Ok, man? It's over.
Ross: Yeah, ok. Ok. It's just I miss her so much.
好吧。 好了。 我真的很想她。
Chandler: I know. I know. Is it me, or did "subletting my peephole" sound kind of dirty?
Mark: Why do all your coffee mugs have numbers on the bottom?
Rachel: Oh. That's so Monica can keep track. That way if one on them is missing, she can be like, 'Where's number 27? !'