老友记 第三季 第二十集
2019年8月17日 15:59

Joey: Hey, Kate! Morning.
嘿,凯特! 早。
Joey: Listen, I ah, went to that restaurant that you were talking about last week. Hey, lovely! Come, talk to me for a minute!
我去了你说的那家餐厅 嘿,美女!来跟我聊一下!
Joey: And I ate the food, it was good, I had the fish, yeah. It was good, yeah.
Woman: Hi, oh, I'm Lauren, Kate's understudy.
Joey: Oh, hey! Joey Tribbiani.
Lauren: I know! I I'm a big fan of yours. What? !
我知道!我是你的超级影迷。 什么?!
Lauren: I used to umm, schedule my classes so I could watch Dr. Drake Ramorey on Days of Our Lives.
Joey: Get out of here, really? ! Absolutely! Yeah?
少来了,真的?! 真的! 是吗?
Lauren: Oh but then, they went and dropped you down that elevator shaft. They gave me the shaft all right.
结果他们让你掉到电梯里。 他们是把我踢掉了。
Lauren: Oh, you're so funny. Listen, umm, what are you doing after rehearsal? Do you wanna get a drink, or something?
Joey: Well Ahh, yeah! Yeah, sure, a drink sounds great.
Lauren: Cool! I'll I'll see you then. All right.
酷!待会见。 好。
The Director: All right, it's time to act, my talking props.
Ross: You know if you wanna make the boys' bathroom realistic you're gonna have to put some teeny tiny porno magazines behind the toilet.
Phoebe: Hey! Hey! Look everybody, look at my new dollhouse! ! Wow! !
嘿! 嘿! 你们看,我的新娃娃屋!! 哇哦!!
Phoebe: Ha ha ha ha, look, look!
Ross: Hey, what's this? ! Oh, ok, it's the slide instead of stairs. Look.
嘿,这是什么?! 哦,我用溜滑梯取代楼梯,看。
Monica: Very interesting, Phoebe.
Rachel: What's this? The Licorice Room, you can eat all the furniture. And, when guests come over, they can stay on the Tootsie rollaway bed.
这是什么? 甘草房,家俱都可以吃。客人来了可以睡在滚动式折叠床上。
Ross: This is the coolest house ever! !
Phoebe: Hey, does anybody wanna join me in the aroma room? All right! I would!
有人要跟我进芳香室吗? 好的! 我要!
Monica: Hey guys, guys, did you see my new, china cabinet? ! Uh huh.
喂,你们看到我的新瓷器柜了吗?! 嗯哼。
Phoebe: Watch, watch. Ooohhhh! ! And, and! Ahhhh! !
看喔,看喔。 哦 还有喔! 啊
Chandler: Hey, my father's house does that!
Rachel: O o o okay, how did it go? Tell me everything.
Chandler: Well, movie was great, dinner was great, and there's nothing like a cool, crisp New York evening. Hmm.
电影很好看,晚餐很好吃,凉爽的纽约夜晚最宜人。 嗯。
Chandler:'Course I didn't get to enjoy any of that, because Joanna's such a big, dull dud!
Joanna: Chandle is fantastic! !
Rachel: What? ! Oh God, we just clicked! You know how people just click? Like he came by to pick me up, and I opened the door, and it was just like, click! Did he tell you? Oh, I.
什么?! 你知道一拍即合吧?他来接我,我打开门,感觉一拍即合。他有告诉你吗? 哦,我
Joanna: Oh, and he's got such a good heart! Doesn't he have a good heart? Oh, I know.
哦,他的心肠很好!他的心肠很好吧? 哦,我知道
Joanna: Oh, I know and he's soo sweet! Listen, he said he was gonna call, so put him straight through.
Sophie: Isn't this great? ! Don't spoil it.
太好了?! 不要破坏气氛。
Joey: Come on baby, don't go. Please? What do you say?
The Director: Hello. Oh! It's you. Just ah, just one one sec. I am going to take this call.
When I continue, I hope that there will appear on stage this magical thing that in the theatre, we call, committing to the moment!
Joey: That guy's like a cartoon. What do you see in him anyway?
Kate: He happens to be brilliant. Just more than I can say for that sweater you're dating.
Joey: Hey, I'm not interested in her sweater! It's what's underneath her sweater that counts. And besides, since ah, since when do you care who I'm going out with?
Kate: I don't care. Why, do you want me to care?
Joey: Do you want me to want you to care?
Kate: Do you?
Joey: What?
The Director: Ok, I'm afraid to say this, but let's pick it up where we left off.
Joey: Come on baby, don't go. Please? What do you say? I've got no reason to stay.
求求你,不要走。好吗? 我没有理由要留下来
The Director: Stop! ! Stop it! You must stop! You are bad actors! This is a terrible play! I'll see you in the morning.
Kate: I can't believe we go on in, in a week.
Joey: Hey, it's gonna be all right.
Lauren: Hey! So since we're getting off early, do you wanna go and paint mugs?
Joey: What?
Lauren: You know! At the place I told you about last night.
Joey: Oh, yeah, with the mug painting. Yeah. I was so listening to that. But ah, you know what, I think I kinda need to work on my stuff tonight. Oh, ok. Ok.
对了,那里可以画马克杯。我听得很用心。但是我今晚想好好练戏。 哦,好吧。 好。
Lauren: I'll see you tomorrow. Ok.
那明天见。 好。
Joey: Ok. Good night.
好。 再见。
Joey: Ah, are you ok?
Kate: Yeah, I guess. Look, what are we gonna do about this scene, huh?
Joey: I don't know.
Kate: Well umm, maybe if it had more heat.
Joey: How do you mean? Well, Adrianne's looking for a reason to stay, right? Victor can't just kiss her, he's gotta, gotta really give her a reason, you know?
怎么说? 艾德莉恩在寻找留下来的理由,对吧?维克多不能只是亲她,他必须必须给她有力的理由,你懂吧?
Joey: Maybe he could slip her the tongue.
Kate: Or maybe, maybe he could grab her, and, and, and, and lift her up. Yeah, yeah, and then Adrianne, she maybe she could wrap her legs around his waist.
或者,他可以捉住她,把她抱起来。 对,对,然后艾德莉恩用腿圈住他的腰。
Kate: Yeah she could do that. And and and claw at his back.
她可以这样。 并且抓他的背。
Kate: Yeah right, and then she could rip off his shirt and kiss his chest, and, and his stomach!
Joey: And then, then he could use his teeth, his teeth to undo her dress, and, and, and bite her!
Kate: And then right, right when the scene ends, he could take her with this raw, animal.
Joey: Something like that?
Kate: Yeah, that's pretty much what I had in mind. Yeah.
差不多是我想的。 没错。
Joey: Hey. Hi.
嗨。 嘿。
Ross: It's a little early to be drinking.
Joey: No no, things ah, finally happened with Kate. Ohhhhh! You're kidding? ! That's great!
我跟凯特终于有进展了。 哦 真的?!太好了!
Joey: Oh, it was so amazing. After the love making.
Monica: Oh my.
Joey: Yep. I just, I just watched her sleep for like hours, just breathing in and breathing out. And then I knew she was dreaming 'cause, 'cause her eyes keep going like this.

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