老友记 第三季 第二十一集
2019年8月17日 16:06

Rachel: Ross! Stop that! Ah, I'm sorry.
罗斯!别闹了! 抱歉。
Rachel: Come on! I don't want you thinking of me like that anymore!
Ross: Ahh, sorry, nothing you can do about it. It's one of my ah, rights as the ex boyfriend, huh? Oop, oh yeah!
Rachel: Stop it! Cut it out! Cut it out! Ok, ok, I'm sorry, it will never happen.Uh oh! Wait a minute! Wait wait, now there are a hundred of you and I'm the king.
别闹了!够了!够了! 对不起,我不会再啊哦!等一下!现在有一百个你,我是国王。
Rachel: Rosss. Aw come on, would you grow up? It's no big deal.
罗斯 成熟一点,这又没什么。
Rachel: All right. Fine. Yowzah! !! O kay! ! See what you did, I'm gonna be doing it by myself now. Ok? Aww, come on. That's it. Ow! !!
好吧。很好。 呀!!! 好吧!!我决定自己换衣服。成吗? 啊,快点。 就是这样。噢!!!
Ross: Oh my God! Oh ow! All right. Ow! And look, look. Ow! Ok. Ow! Rach? Ow! Ow!
天哪! 哦! 好了。 啊! 听我说。 啊! 好吧。 啊! 瑞秋? 啊!啊!
Ross: Easy. Easy. You have to go to the hospital. Ok?
Rachel: Ok, I do. Ok? I really do.
我去。 好吗? 我真的得去了。
Ross: Ok, I'm gonna get your coat and then I'll I'll put you in a cab. Ok. Oh wait, wait wait, you're not gonna come with me?
我去帮你拿外套,再送你上车。 好的。等等,你不陪我去吗?
Ross: Of course I am. I just have to make a call. Ok. Ok?
当然要。我得先打个电话。 好。 我去了?
Rachel: Thank you. Oww! !! ! God!
Ross: What? ! I wh , what's wrong?
Rachel: I'm sorry, I just can't go to the hospital looking like this.
Monica: Does it involve travel? Noo!
跟旅行有关吗? 没!
Monica: Does it involve clogs? Oh, wait, wait. Clogs, or claws?
跟木屐有关吗? 木屐还是爪子?
Monica: Clogs. No.
木屐。 没。
Monica: Claws? ! No.
爪子?! 也没。
Monica: Ok, so it doesn't involve Ross or Rachel or Chandler or Joey. What about Pete? No!
所以不是罗斯和瑞秋,也不是钱德和乔伊。那彼特呢? 不是!
Monica: What is it? ! What about Pete? I don't know!
怎么样?彼特怎么了? 我不知道!
Monica: Ok, I feel like I'm talking to Lassie. Great. Phoebe would you just tell me! I can't! !
我好像在跟灵犬莱西说话。菲比,你就直说好吗? 不行啦!!
Monica: Ok, I gotta go. I, you're so close! No! Ok, does it involve something to do with Pete's computer company?
我得走了。 但是很接近了。 跟彼特的电脑公司有关吗?
Phoebe: Oh, just go. You're never gonna get it!
Chandler: I know. See, yes. That's Yasmine Bleeth, she's a completely different kind of chick. I love you both. But in very different ways.
Joey: Hey! Hey! Ohhh. Ahh! What are you doing? ! I thought you were gonna take her back to the store today.
嘿! 嘿! 哦。啊!你在干什么?!不是要送她走吗?
Chandler: I did! But the store wouldn't take her back! So then I took her to the shelter, and you know what I found out?
Chandler: If they can't find a home for her, they kill her! And I'm not gonna let that happen to little Jasmine!
Joey: Ok, good, good, good, 'cause, good, 'cause I was kinda having second thoughts too.
Chandler: Ok. And it's not just chicks you know? It's all kinds of other animals!
Joey: That's horrible! Well, you did the right thing man.
Chandler: Thanks, I'm glad you see it that way.
Chandler: Ohhh hoo, funny story!
Monica: I don't believe this! Wow, look at this refrigerator! It's gigantic! I mean I could live in this thing! I'd be cold, but I'm always cold.
Oh, my God! Look at these spider burners! I love spider burners!
Pete: So you like it?
Monica: Oh, it is sooo perfect. Thank you so much.
Pete: Oh, you're welcome.
Monica: Did you just smell my hair?
Pete: Nooo. Uh, huh, no way. What? No.
Monica: Oh God. What?
天哪。 怎么了?
Monica: You still have feelings for me don't you?
Pete: Now, nooo! I'm just excited about the restaurant, that's all. Pete.
没有!我只是对餐厅的事很兴奋。 皮特。
Pete: Ok, I love you. Is that so bad?
Monica: No, it's not bad. It's not bad at all. It's it's really nice.
Pete: Look, the only one who stands to get hurt is me. And I'm ok with that.
Monica: You may be ok with getting hurt, but I am not ok with being the one who hurts you. That's why I can't take this job.
Pete: What?
Monica: And we probably shouldn't see each other anymore. I'm sorry.
Pete: Ok, yeah. I mean.If that's, if that's really what you want, ok. Ok, bye.
好,你如果真的这么想,那好吧。 好吧,拜。
Pete: I'm sorry things didn't work out. All right shut up for a second and and , let me just see something. Oh, wow! Oh wow!
很抱歉,事情 你先闭嘴,让我确认一下。哦,哇哦!哦,哇哦!
Rachel: Ok, you'd tell me the truth. Right?
Ross: Rach, you can't look fat in an X ray. Ok.
X光片看起来怎么会胖。 好。
Chandler: Ok! Now you stay out here, and you think about what you did! !
Ross: That's a duck. That's a bad duck! !! How'd the thing go tonight, Ross?
那是一只鸭子。 一只坏鸭子!!!罗斯,今晚的事顺利吗?
Ross: Oh, it was, nah, well. What thing? What thing? Nothing, ah there was this thing at the museum. Come on. Easy.
哦,呃 什么事?什么事? 没什么,博物馆有事。走吧,小心。
Chandler: Ok, now when you come back I hope you remember that that chick is not a toy!
Rachel: What thing? What is this thing?
Ross: Uh, I was kinda, supposed to be on TV tonight for The Discovery Channel.
Rachel: Oh my God! Yeah. Ross, why didn't you tell me that?
天哪! 对。 罗斯,你为什么不说?
Ross: Eh, 'cause I knew that if I told you, you'd make me go, and I knew you needed someone to be with you tonight. Come on. Come on.
哎,我一说,你就会让我去,我知道你今晚 需要有人陪着。来吧,来吧。
Rachel: I cannot believe you. What?
我真不敢相信。 怎么了?
Rachel: That is the sweetest thing, I just.
Ross: You should get some sleep. Ok. So, I'll umm. Oh, sorry I spoiled your evening.
你该睡觉了。 好。 呃 抱歉搞砸了你的今晚。
Ross: No, that's, no, as long as you're ok. So I'll ah, I'll see you tomorrow.
Rachel: Um hmm, yeah. See ya.
Chandler: What did you do?
Joey: What you doing?
Chandler: Having a swim.
Joey: What about the chick?
Chandler: Chicks don't swim.
Are you sure?
Chandler: I don't know. Should we try? Sure.
不晓得。要试试看吗? 好啊。
Chandler: See, I told you they don't swim.
Joey: Wait. Give him a minute.
Chandler: Noo! Oh, it's ok, it's ok, baby, baby, baby.

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